Friday, January 30, 2015

Wilde in the World - San Francisco

Looking at my 2015 calendar, there are not as many business trips this year! You may remember that I spent a good third of 2014 traveling around the world. My new job required a lot of attendance at conferences and meetings with global agencies last year.

This year will be a lot more travel within the United States, to places that I am very familiar with. First up this year? San Francisco!

My last visit to San Francisco was as a graduate student attending an American Chemical Society annual meeting. I stayed in a pseudo-hostal and subsisted on fast food, convenience store snacks and whatever I could scrounge from the exhibitor booths.

This trip was much different, as I was there attending the JP Morgan Healthcare summit for work. First, my hotel room had its own bathroom and the view you see below...

The conference not only fed us very well (Odwalla juices for breakfast anyone?), but my colleague and I were able to go out for dinner, at real restaurants! I was able to enjoy the seafood of San Francisco, the great variety of options in Chinatown and all the sourdough bread I could handle. I guess I've come a long way in the eight years since my last visit!

Sadly, we were only in San Francisco for the days of the conference. We didn't have too much extra time to wander the city. In our final afternoon in California, my colleague and I walked to the coast, bought some Ghirardelli chocolates and took a boat ride to Alcatraz. We then hopped in a cab and headed back to SFO, being sure to get some Boudin sandwiches for the flight home.

I'd love to spend more time in this unique city. In the two times that I've visited, I have barely scratched the surface. Perhaps I can convince the boyfriend to take a California road trip with me this spring. Start in LA, drive north to SF, eat a lot of food along the way! 

Have any of you done a California coast road trip? I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Wilde Goals

We're more than halfway through January 2015 and I thought that I would take a moment to share some of my personal goals for this year. I'm not one for resolutions, because I feel like they are often too wide-sweeping and never followed through on. Goals are more of a tangible thing that I can work to achieve and cross off when I accomplish. I've broken down my 2015 goals into three different catagories - Health & Fitness, Personal Growth & Blogging!

Health & Fitness

Infuse your water with fruits, vegetables, or herbs.  Add a favorite flavor or two for variety — like berries, citrus, or lavender.
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1. Workout 4 times per week - When I was a postdoc, I was at the gym every single day. It helped that I was earning extra money teaching classes, so I was required to show up! Since starting my new job last year, I really fell out of a gym schedule. I made excuses like - I'm traveling so much for work or we're moving and that's exercise enough - and my muscles have gotten so weak! Time to hit the gym and get back to my strong self.

2. Run a half marathon - I completed my first half marathon two years ago and absolutely loved it. I trained for 6 weeks and ran the Women's Central Park half marathon. I started out as a mediocre runner and finished six weeks later with a time of 1 hour 58 minutes. So not only do I want to run another half marathon, I want to beat that time! Do you want to train with me?

3. Strive for Five - For years of my life, that saying meant long hours in the lab (chemistry PhD students will know what I'm talking about), now I want it to lead to a healthier Vicki. I'm sure I'm not the only person who buys lots of fruits and veg at the grocery store, only to throw it all away the next week. I'll be working to incorporate more produce into my diet by prepping it all early. I'll be documenting this food journey both here and at WITK.

Personal Growth

Manarola, Italy - It's in the province of La Spezia, Liguria, northern Italy. A unique place called 'Cinque Terre ' (which means Five Towns literally and this is one of the town, they are right next to each other). If you go to Tuscany, you can make a day trip there.
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4. Take four courses - There are so many classes available in New York City and I want to take some time this year to learn something new. I've got my eye on a few jewelry making classes as well as some cooking/baking classes. Maybe I also need to learn how to salsa?

5. Visit two new places - Last year, I visited ten new places! Most of them were business trips, but I was able to enjoy at least one day of sight seeing on each trip. I love to travel, learn more about other countries and speak new languages. I have fewer work trips this year (and most of them at to places I've already been!), so that means vacations to far flung locations are a must! So many places to see, but where to go in 2015?

6. Make our new house a home - Last year, we bought our house. This year, we make it our own. The major goal for this year is to renovate and decorate our place. The boyfriend and I are taking our time, not wanting to buy everything at once and regret it. So far we have bought a couch, mattress and two dining chairs. To say there is a lot of work left is an understatement!


7. Post 3 times per week across both WITK and WITC - To help myself with this goal, I have a 2015 challenge running on my cooking blog, creating junk foods at home. I've been slacking off on both of my blogs and really want to get back to a regular posting schedule.

8. Add more lifestyle posts to WITC - With the new job came a whole new schedule for life. I've had less time to spend on fashion photos and have spent more time traveling, decorating and enjoying life. The occasional fashion post will pop up, but I want to make it more of a mix of all things Wilde!

9. Try 12 more candy recipes for WITK - A few years ago, I worked on a candy challenge at WITK. I really enjoyed working with sugar syrups and creating chocolate confections at home. The world needs more sweets (Not really...), and I am happy to help!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wilde House - Couch Color

When we painted the living room walls grey, I knew that I wanted to infuse a lot of color into the room. I'm all about these bright and cheery couch pillows, not just in summer, but all year round! We went with a straight-lined, cream sofa and now I'm wondering...  How much color is too much color?

Jonathan Adler pillows, acrylic table/love the colors
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How to Decorate: The easy formula for a well-designed room
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Fizz56 Dream Room Makeover: Winner's Home Tour #theeverygirl // #studio apartment // #gallerywall // graphic rug // white couch // black gold white
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OOAK Jonathan Adler diorama 1:6th Scale
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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wilde House - Coffee Tables

We bought a comfy couch, picked up a furry rug and found a fun side table. There are a few elements left to fill in before we have a complete living room. Namely? We need a coffee table and a chair! The boyfriend and I are torn between styles. Do we want heavy and statement-y or pretty and trendy? The only thing we can agree on? We want something that we can put our feet up on.

30 Designers secret tips: Wonderful Home Decoration
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The living room in our new house has been renovated the last few weeks, and this Friday we could...
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With its turned pecan wood legs, varied surface heights and colorful coatings, our Clover Coffee Table is a youthful take on mid-century modern.
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Hand-wrought iron coffee table with gold-leaf finish at Horchow...I LOVE Glass tables, the light shines thru & reflects off them - Classic!
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Love this living room color scheme, my couches are similar (about two shades darker). This could work!
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awesome idea! A light in a coffee table. Love the coffee table too!
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Formal #DiningRoom Formal Dining Room | beautiful room with accent trim and molding | furnishings and accessories complete the room | monochromatic palette is lovely
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We added the "Paxton" Coffee Table at Horchow to our #RANaturals room.  It is fresh, open adds a sophisticated touch to the room.
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You can see that we are all over the map when it comes to style. What I think we both agree on? There is no way we are spending $1,500 for a coffee table!

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