Friday, April 18, 2014

Stitch Fix #12 - April 2014

Spring has sprung and Stitch Fix has come through with some of the freshest pieces for the season! I barely lasted through the long long winter that we had here in New Jersey. I don't know how many more weeks of heavy layers and winter boots I could have taken! Thankfully it's time to put away those heavy coats, pack up the thick sweaters and send the wool pants to the dry cleaners for the last time.

This month I asked my Stitch Fix stylist for color and work wear and they sent me some fun pieces! I also asked for a variety of designers and I got a box of five items from five different labels. I made a deal with myself that I can only keep one item from each fix. I know lots of people are looking for the 5-item fix, where they keep all five items, but I'm looking only to add really fun and special pieces to my wardrobe. This was really difficult this month, because Stitch Fix sent me some really cute items!

41Hawthorne - Daphne Scalloped Colorblock Dress
First up, this scalloped colorblock dress from 41Hawthorne. I was pleasantly surprised with this dress! The color gradient from dark red to white was perfect and the quality was great for a summer dress. Maybe because it was chilly out when I took these pictures, or it was the length - I decided to send this one back. I think if it were summer, I might have kept it!

Tart - Sonam French Terry Jacket

Next up, my favorite piece from this months fix! I've already worn this jacket a couple of times. It's incredibly comfortable and has been traveling with me around the world. While sitting on an airplane for eight hours, this jacket has been the perfect thing to keep me warm. If you're looking for a great layering piece, totally ask for this jacket in your next fix!

Margaret M - Emer High Waited Cropped Trouser
Under Skies - Camillia Floral Print Sleeveless Blouse

After getting these two pieces I decided to edit my style profile. No more orange. I do not look good in all this orange, I think it's my hair color. I've seen this top in another color from another Stitch Fix review and it was totally adorable. The shirt was so cute, but seriously, this color and me aren't friends. The pants? So great. But again, not in this color.

Yumi - Renese Marled Cable Knit Sweater

I've been on the hunt for a cute fisherman's sweater all winter. I think that this purple number would have been perfect, except that it really needed to be sized up to get the fit I wanted. Chunky sweaters need to be chunky! Loved the color though, such a nice alternative to the usual cream fisherman's sweaters out there.

Overall I'd give this fix an A-! Lots of fun, so much color and I found something I really love! As with every fix, I filled out the return page online and shared my thoughts on the items they sent me. Then I went to my style profile and removed orange and yellow from my preferences. With winter melting into spring, I can't wait to get warmer weather fixes. I always enjoyed those much more than the winter fixes.

Wondering what else I'm wearing in my fix?  Check out the links below.

Want to try Stitch Fix yourself? You can sign up through my referral link and they are nice enough to give me $25! I think the wait list is a little long right now, so be prepared to wait about two months before you receive your first fix!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Styling a Sheath Dress

Since starting my new job and transitioning to a business role, I've changed my work wardrobe drastically. Working in the lab, I wore jeans, comfy tops and closed-toe shoes. These days you're most likely to find me wearing a dress and heels. I've added a number of simple sheath dresses to my closet because they are so versatile. My favorite brand is Hugo Boss, they make a beautiful dress. Here are some of my favorite ways to style my simple sheath. 

What is your favorite way to jazz up a simple dress?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wilde in the World - Singapore

You may have been wondering where I have been all month. Well, most likely you haven't been that curious. Usually just my mom asks why I haven't been posting, but she knows my schedule has been crazy. Over the past month, I've been around the world and back again.

First stop along the way - Singapore. A city state right near the equator, Singapore was an amazing combination of Asian cultures, modern high rises and delicious food.

I was in Singapore for a business trip, but was lucky enough to have an extra day to explore the city. And eat! During the week I was there, I indulged in amazing Cantonese, Indian, Malaysian & Thai food. I also spent an afternoon with my team, soaking up the atmosphere and some original Singapore Slings at The Raffles Hotel. One thing I ate a few times over the week - Chicken Rice. Go to Singapore, eat some chicken rice. Totally worth the trip.

If you are looking for a shopping destination, Singapore might just be your cup of tea. I have never seen so many mega-malls in one place as I saw on Orchard road in Singapore. When there are Louis Vuitton shops on three corners of one intersection, you know that you're in a posh neighborhood. While I enjoyed lots of window shopping, I found the prices to be a bit higher than those in New York City. I only indulged in the fun sequined skirt I showed you yesterday. And food.  I indulged in lots of cheap, tasty food.

Our flight home went via Tokyo and while some of my coworkers indulged in McDonald's, two of us decided to get some noodles, katsu chicken and fried squid legs. Ah-mazing. Definitely helped with the fact that we were about to sit on a plane for 13 hours.

Stop by later in the week for a little more of my wild and crazy month!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Budget - March Recap

It's a little late this month, but I have good news... I didn't blow my budget for March! The main reason? I spent half of the month traveling for work. The only item I bought was actually purchased during my business trip to Singapore. I could have really spent a lot of money in Singapore, but I managed to behave myself and come home with just this skirt...

It's a bit of a fun purchase, not quite sure how to style it for work yet, but I love it. The color is reminiscent of a mermaids tail. While I bought it in Singapore, you can pick it up at Nordstrom! They also have it available in hunter green, if you don't want to feel like a mermaid.

Not sure what you buy yourself for a souvenir on your next vacation? I always suggest two things - 1. A local cookbook & 2. A fun or classic piece of clothing. You'll be able to cook your favorite dishes and every time you wear your new piece, vacation memories will come flooding back.

Total spent in March - $110.50 (15% discount for foreign shoppers!)
Price before sales - $130.00
Total savings - $19.50
Amount under budget - $389.50

2014 Budget
January - $614.07
February - $1,693.09
March - $110.50

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